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Garden.help was set up by a team of gardening experts in response to the variable, often poor quality, advice available to the average gardener both online and also in retailers. They saw too many people being put off gardening, blaming themselves for a plant dying, when they were simply doing what they thought was the right thing.

Our Mission

We want to make fixing plant and gardening problems as quick, easy and painless as possible. We know that a lot gardeners don't have the time (or the inclination) to learn too much about the finer points of horticulture and just want the answer to a question. That's why we operate on a question and answer basis. We either answer your questions directly or work with you to diagnose the problem so we can fix it.

Our goal is to take you from problem to solution as quickly as possible.

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Plant Specialists

Orchid Doctor

Diagnose problems with your orchids

Soft Fruit Doctor

Diagnose problems with soft fruit.

Soil Doctor

Diagnose what type of soil you have and what type of plants will grow in it.

Top Fruit Doctor

Diagnose problems with fruit trees and bushes.

Interactive Gardening Tools

Fruit Pests

Learn which pests attack which types of fruit.

Pruning Guide

Learn when and how to prune different types of plants

Soil pH Guide

Acid or alkali? Learn which plants will grow in your soil

Vegetable Planting Guide

Learn when and how to plant different vegetable seeds

Common Pests & Diseases

Garden Pest: Canker
Garden Pest:Chafer Grubs
Chafer Grubs
Garden Pest: Grey Mould
Grey Mould
Garden Pest: Honey Fungus
Honey Fungus
Garden Pest: Leaf Cutter Bees
Leaf Cutter Bees
Garden Pest: Lily Beetle
Lily Beetle
Garden Pest: Powerdy Mildew
Powdery Mildew
Garden Pest:Woolly Aphid
Woolly Aphid