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Soil Doctor

There are several tests you must do to find out the type of soil you have. Use each one to learn more about your soil and what you can grow in it.

The Walkover Test:

For the walkover test you will need to go out onto the soil when it is moist and the plants are actively growing. (Not mid-winter)

The Hand Test:

For the hand test you will need to pick up a handful of soil from the area you wish to learn about. Make sure to wash your hand thoroughly when you have finished.

The pH Test:

To perfom an accurate pH Test Click Here

To learn what type of plants will grow in different pH soils Click Here

For specific problems try one of our specialists...

Plant Specialists

Orchid Doctor

Diagnose problems with your orchids

Soft Fruit Doctor

Diagnose problems with soft fruit.

Soil Doctor

Diagnose what type of soil you have and what type of plants will grow in it.

Top Fruit Doctor

Diagnose problems with fruit trees and bushes.

Interactive Gardening Tools

Fruit Pests

Learn which pests attack which types of fruit.

Pruning Guide

Learn when and how to prune different types of plants

Soil pH Guide

Acid or alkali? Learn which plants will grow in your soil

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Learn when and how to plant different vegetable seeds

Common Pests & Diseases

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