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The Top 5 Summer Lawn Care Problems Solved!

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With summer now arriving in full force and temperatures set to rise over the next few weeks, people will be spending more time in their gardens, meaning it’s time to refine summer lawn-care routines to keep grass in tip-top shape. Garden machinery specialist, Cobra, understands the importance of a vibrant and healthy lawn in summer and so has answered some common lawn-care questions to help keep grass at its best this summer and beyond.

1. When and how often should I water my lawn during summer?

To encourage strong, vigorous growth, Cobra recommends watering lawns early in the morning when heat is at a minimum to reduce the amount of evaporation. This allows water to penetrate the deeper into the root. An infrequent yet heavy dose of water is also recommended as it’s one of the most effective ways of stimulating stronger grass growth - so give it a good dose every 10 days or so!

Water butts are also a great way to collect and reuse any rainwater, so that it can be saved to keep lawns hydrated and gardens watering. Water butts are also handy to have in case the watering hose ban come into force over the summer!

2. When should I mow my lawn in summer?

Mowing during hot periods can cause significant damage to lawns as the shorter blades of grass will be unable to shade the soil from the sun. This will cause water to evaporate quickly and will leave lawns feeling dehydrated and stressed. In ideal conditions though, it’s best to take a little and often approach, keeping grass at an inch tall. Gone are the days of clunky nuts and bolts to adjust the blade height - modern lawnmowers make this job simple by having an easy-to-use height of cut adjuster that lowers or raises the blades as required with the lift of a lever.

3. How do I keep my lawn vibrant and green?

There are many ways to keep lawns gloriously green this summer that are simple but effective. They include:

· Applying lawn feed to top up the nutrients in the soil so that the grass can feed off it to stay looking vibrant for longer

· Reseeding lawns after heavy footwall to help recover dull patches and bring back its lush colour

· Aerating lawn which involves making small holes in the soil to relieve compaction and boost the circulation of vital elements, such as air and water, to improve lawns overall health and reducing the risk of any diseases. Aeration can be done manually, but it can also be done in a fraction of the time with a power machine, such as Cobra’s robust SA32E electric scarifier

· Keeping pets off the grass as their urine is high in nitrogen, which can easily scorch lawns when undiluted!

4. What should I do with my lawn cuttings?

It may be tempting to collect up the grass clippings after mowing, but it can actually be very useful to leave it on the grass. Sprinkling a light layer of cuttings onto your lawn after mowing acts as a mulch that locks in any moisture and nutrients, helping to grow thick, healthy grass! Mulching mowers are a fantastic way to do this as they not only mow the lawn, but instead of collecting up the cuttings, automatically returns the cuttings back to the grass so that it can work its magic!

5. My lawn is full of dandelions, weeds and mushrooms. How do I fix it?

There are a number of ways to remove unwanted growth from lawns, but most of them are a quick fix. To avoid regrowth, it’s important that gardeners perfect their lawncare regime of mowing, scarifying and aerating to avoid this type of growth.

Dandelions thrive in thin lawns. They have deep roots so simply mowing them down won’t solve it. Hand tools can help dig up the root but will leave a hole so patches will need resowing afterwards. Mushrooms are caused by decomposing material like old cuttings and thatch so be sure to remove all debris and rake regularly to gather up anything that might create the perfect environment for mushrooms to grow in. Weedkillers can kill weeds almost instantly but it will kill any surrounding grass, so extra care is needed when applying.

Cobra is the leading name in garden machinery and has the UK’s largest range of powered lawnmowers. With more than 100 different models to choose from, there’s the perfect mower for every type of gardener.

One of the stand out models is the GTRM38P. It’s particularly helpful when it comes to lawn maintenance, with its 1600W motor providing all the power needed to keep lawns looking their best, without the backache thanks to its lightweight design. It also has seven stage adjustments, from 20-75mm, so the cutting height can be adapted depending on the season. That’s not all! Cobra has teamed up with the brilliant Breast Cancer Now charity to donate £25 from each sale of the GTRM38P lawnmower to help fund the future of breast cancer research!

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