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Spring Lawn-care Tips

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If weather conditions have been dry for a few days and the ground is firm, you'll be able to tackle the first mow of the year. The first few cuts are important as even though the grass may have started to grow, it still won't be at its full strength, so it's vital that you take care to avoid causing damage. Mowing the lawn in the right weather conditions, and at the right height and frequency, is always important but the first few cuts are even more important because the grass is not yet growing steadily so the potential for damage is greater. You should also set the cutting height to the highest option, as shorter cuts will stimulate grass growth and encourage the blades to thicken over time.

Top lawn-care tips for spring:

  • Mow regularly and use a high setting to avoid scalping the lawn
  • It's not all about mowing! Scarifying will remove any dead matter, and aerating will help prevent it from happening again
  • Water thoroughly and do it early in the day to avoid high temperatures. Never water after dark
  • Considering a mulching mower which will return the nutrients back to the lawn and act as a natural feed
  • Apply a lawn treatment, to feed the existing grass and target weeds in the lawn
  • Re-seed sparse patches

It is important to remember that lawn-care does not end with mowers. Employing simple care and maintenance routine a couple of times a year (in spring and autumn) will really help a lawn to look its best. Lawns may be suffering from compaction at this time of year causing the grass to yellow or for weeds to grow. A scarifier may be needed if a manual rake is not up to the job. The SA32E Electric Scarifier and Aerator has the ability to both scarify and aerate lawns, which allows air and moisture to reach the soil and encourage strong, vibrant growth.

After raking or scarifying, lawns can be mowed around once every fortnight, making sure not to cut it too short as this will strip it of essential moisture and cause it to dry out. As spring progresses into summer, mowing frequency can be increased as it begins to grow faster.

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