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Steel Garden Edging, Raised Beds and Planter Boxes

From this week's Competition: We all love to improve the look of our garden, but sometimes the task can be daunting and expensive. Straightcurve products allow you to quickly and easily transform your outdoor area with their stunning edging systems. Sleek and Modern Th...Read More

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DuraPost Launches Sustainable Weatherproof Fence Panel

Fencing specialist DuraPost has launched a new eco-conscious composite fencing solution, just in time for summer DIYs and garden BBQs. The new Vento panels offer cutting edge benefits to any outdoor enthusiast. Sustainably produced, the panels offer a long-term fencing sol...Read More

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Name The New Gaillardia Competition

The Burpee Europe team have been having an exciting time at their trial grounds in the Netherlands growing new varieties of veg, fruit and flowers, many of which will be available to their customers from next year. ...Read More

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