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Make a Garden Bench with C4's The Great Garden Revolution Team

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Ronseal Presents… The Great Garden Revolution is gracing our screens this summer for a second series on Channel 4. Once again the show’s master craftsman, Bruce Kenneth, reveals easy ways to revolutionise your garden, with a simple step-by-step guide to recreating projects he expertly produces during the new series.

Inspired by DIY’ers increased interested to build personalised furniture which perfectly fits the space, on Saturday night’s episode of the show Bruce created a bespoke garden bench which doubles as outdoor storage. Here, he explains how to create the very same bench yourself at home in 10 easy steps.

Commenting on the new series and bench featured in Saturday’s episode, Bruce said: “I am thrilled to be back for season two of The Great Garden Revolution. We have created some exciting projects that we cannot wait for viewers to see, plus it’s great to be able to showcase some simple DIY hacks for people to get involved with to improve their gardens and outdoor spaces.”

Materials needed

5 x lengths of 3” x 2” / 70mm x 45mm treated wood (this will be your frame) 8 x lengths of 4” x 1” / 100mm x 25mm rough sawn treated timber (for the cladding) 3 x lengths of 4” x 1” / 1800mm timber 2 x lengths of 4” x 1” / 2400mm timber (this is for the bench lid)

Products to complete the bench:

Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler, Ronseal Teak Oil OR Ronseal Garden Paint in Charcoal Grey Get started:

The first step to creating the bench is to make the frame. All you’ll need is a saw, drill and some screws. Start by cutting your lengths of 3” x 2” timber to get the pieces you’ll need – four equal pieces 1700mm in length, four at 310mm and the remaining wood should create four pieces final 275mm in length.

Next, screw the frame together by placing the longer and shorter pieces of wood together to create a (H) 400mm x (W) 1700mm x (H) 415mm hollow frame.

Repeat the process if you’d like to create the L-shape seating featured in The Great Garden Revolution.

Next, add the cladding to close the box seating and create weatherproof outdoor storage. To do this, cut the eight pieces of 4” x 1” timber into 1750mm and 400mm lengths – these will fit the sides of the frame perfectly. Stack the pieces onto top of each other and fix with screws or nails to secure. Top tip: Start with the short sides as the long faces run past the short sides.

Now, it’s time to make the lid. For this, cut your timber to meet the length of the bench and screw them side by side. Then get some hinges, any good strong hinges will do, and screw to the lid and box.

For a smooth finish, sand your completed storage bench using an electric sander, sanding mouse – or a piece of sandpaper stuck to an old piece of wood makes a handy sanding block too. Complete the bench by protecting the wood and making the bench weatherproof. Ronseal’s Garden Paint is a great option to add a pop of colour if that’s the desired effect – two coats is perfect and there is lots of colours to choose from. Ronseal Teak Oil is an alternative option for a natural wood effect, while still protecting the wood against the elements – simply pour on and rub it into the bench using a soft cloth.

Your handywork is done, sit back and relax on your new bench! The nest episode of The Great Garden Revolution airs on Saturday 28th May at 8pm. For further information, visit www.ronseal.com. And if you find video step-by-step guides easier to follow, watch Bruce build his bench here: www.ronseal.com/how-to-guides.

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