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Raymond Evison Wins 33rd Gold & Royal Visit

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show received a regal visit on Monday as His Majesty King Charles III made a special appearance at the renowned event. His Majesty's presence added a touch of grandeur to the already vibrant and captivating showcase of botanical wonders.

Among the many remarkable exhibits, the King took a particular interest in the stand hosted by Raymond Evison, a seasoned veteran of the flower show. Raymond Evison, a renowned horticulturist, had the honour of personally guiding His Majesty through the splendid display of clematis plants at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

With over 2,000 mature clematis plants in full bloom, Raymond Evison's stand stood out as a paradise of floral beauty within The Great Pavilion. This magnificent island site boasted an astonishing variety of 35 different clematis species, each bred and nurtured at Raymond Evison's cutting-edge Guernsey Clematis Nursery, known for its commitment to environmental sustainability.

In a momentous achievement, the captivating garden exhibit was awarded a prestigious Gold Medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, marking Raymond Evison's remarkable 33rd consecutive win.

As King Charles III strolled along the serpentine walkway, Raymond Raymond Raymond Evison showcased some of his most recent introductions, providing an insightful glimpse into the world of clematis breeding. Visitors to the show marvelled at the opportunity to intimately engage with the stunning array of clematis varieties, thanks to the raised boardwalk that allowed them to wander amidst the floral wonders.

The highlight of Raymond Evison's 2023 exhibit was undoubtedly the latest addition to his Guernsey-based breeding program: Clematis Tumaini™EviGsy151(PBR). This exquisite multi-flowering plant mesmerised onlookers with its rosy mauve striped flowers, blooming abundantly and radiating a delicate allure. Its versatility made it an ideal choice for cultivation in pots, containers, or small garden spaces, whether big or small.

The name bestowed upon this remarkable variety, Tumaini, holds a significant meaning. It pays tribute to the commendable charitable work carried out by The Tumaini Fund, a Guernsey-based organization that has made a lasting impact in Tanzania. Founded two decades ago by the esteemed Dr. Susan Wilson MBE, The Tumaini Fund has tirelessly supported approximately 100,000 orphans in Kagera, in the northwestern region of Tanzania.

With the dedicated efforts of a passionate team of supporters in Guernsey and abroad, The Tumaini Fund has facilitated educational opportunities for over 50,000 orphans this year alone, from nursery to university level. Astonishingly, five out of six Tumaini leaders in Tanzania are themselves orphans who have received a university education. Additionally, the Fund has established ten vocational training schools specialising in carpentry and tailoring, while also constructing homes for impoverished families. Their endeavours extend to the provision of fresh water wells in hundreds of villages, where communities previously relied on contaminated water sources.

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This story was published on: 26/05/2023

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