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When should I prune my Penstemon plants?

Our Advice:

The best time to prune these plants is when you notice the new growth starting in the spring. Cut the plants back by two-thirds to encourage shoots from the base. After pruning feed with a general fertiliser such as Vitax Q4 or pelleted chicken manure.

Gardening Expert:
Steve Bradley

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Here is some more information for you:

Penstemons: Overview

Penstemons are a genus of flowering perennials native to North America. They are a popular choice for gardens and landscapes due to their showy flowers, which come in a wide range of colours and sizes. Penstemons are also known for their ability to attract hummingbirds and other pollinators.

Penstemons: Characteristics

Penstemons have elongated, tubular flowers that are usually two-lipped and come in a variety of colours, including pink, purple, blue, red, and white. The plants typically have green leaves that are lance-shaped and slightly toothed. Penstemons can range in size from small, compact plants to larger, sprawling varieties.

Penstemons: Cultivation

Penstemons are relatively easy to grow and care for. They prefer well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade. Some species can tolerate more shade than others. Penstemons are also drought-tolerant once established and can tolerate moderate levels of salt spray. They can be propagated from seed or by taking stem cuttings. Deadheading can encourage more blooms, and pruning can be done in early spring to maintain shape and size.

Penstemons: Uses

Penstemons are often used in gardens and landscapes as border plants, rock garden plants, or as a specimen plant. They are also a popular choice for pollinator gardens, as they are known to attract hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. In addition, some species of Penstemon have medicinal properties and are used in traditional medicine by indigenous peoples in North America.

Penstemons are a versatile and attractive addition to any garden or landscape. With their showy flowers, ability to attract pollinators, and ease of cultivation, they are a popular choice for both ornamental and functional purposes.

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